Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Happy Ever After (song)

"Happy Ever After" is a single released by the Bee Gees, released on their 1991 album High Civilization. This single was issued only in the US, Warner Bros. issued another casette only single, There was a promo vinyl single with the 6:17 song faded early to 5:36 on one side and edited to 4:16 on the other. This track explicit one of the undercurrents of the fantasy, that it is an older man dreaming of a much younger girl, It's hinted at everywhere, like the song "Ghost Train" where he says he was born too soon, This would explain his difficulty in gaining her interest, Barry as the protagonist still haven't given though, and wonders whether there will be a happy ending. On this song it features the percussion played by Lenny Castro.

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